Making the most of the time we have

The title sounds a bit depressing and final and the situation is- a bit- but we’re only leaving London, not the country or this world. Still it is the end of a 17 year era of city life.

Tired of London, tired of life. Just plain tired (never got my energy back after the first trimester). However I can’t let that, the 20 month old or pelvic girdle pain get in the way of making the most of our last 5 months in London town. There’s plenty of time to rest when we’re retired and our kids are there to look after us- that’s the plan right?

Since every day we have here is precious, holding on to it in blog format seems like a decent option. Done for the completely selfish reason of being able to look back over the (hopefully) fun times- (Not that we won’t have any fun times when we move closer to family out of the big smoke, but it will be a different fun: garden fun and Grandparent fun rather than museum, parks and pop-up food fest fun!) -but maybe we’ll inspire some other mums and dads to savour the London life with a little person too.

So let’s get this party started! First stop: Hackney on Saturday.