To Market! The hipster-foodie kind, not the farmers’ kind

Our experience of foodie markets in London have been the hugely overcrowded, non-buggy friendly likes of Borough Market, Maltby Street (Ropewalk) market and the more spacious Royal Festival Hall food markets.

I’m pleased to say that Broadway Market situated south of London fields in Hackney was more spacious and bustling with buggies. The spaciousness could well have been due to the fairly poor weather as we did get caught in a mini hailstorm but nonetheless there was a family vibe going on.

The street is lined with great restaurants and the stalls are a good mix of food and crafty /clothing wares.

The afternoon was bliss despite the rain as we spent the majority of it in Buen Ayre– an Argentinian restaurant with it all: authentic Argentinian parilla, fantastically helpful and knowledgable staff, space for the buggy and highchair and most importantly, the delicious dulce-de-leche pancakes that I got to enjoy while little JJ had a nap in the buggy, although my other half would say it was the slab of perfectly cooked meat that made the day!

Thumbs up from us, but slightly awkward to get to due to the fairly infrequent 394 bus from Hoxton.

Next up: Tower Bridge Experience and the glass floor!



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