Transport me away – please!

Early wake up, hungry crying before breakfast, cold & windy weather. The day ahead wasn’t looking good and I longed to be transported away to a happier place- well, we were! To the London Transport museum in Covent Garden 🙂

For £15 your ticket you get an annual pass and so we were back here again today to meet up with one of our favourite mum and baby combos. After a brisk wind-swept march over Waterloo bridge we were inside saying hello to early 20th century passengers on carriages, driving pretend buses and running wild around the museum with a toy buggy (standard). There was happily a sing-song & story session for under 5’s while we were there which we managed about 5 minutes of before JJ had to take the toy buggy for another spin, but a nice touch nonetheless.

The café space was fairly limited but we swooped into a booth, once some other mums and bubs had finished, to enjoy a £5 panini and a £1 soft drink can and have a catch up. Us mums also enjoyed the gift shop- perfect for stocking up on London memorabilia.

There were lots of school groups there making the play areas slightly frantic, but once they’d headed back to school you had free reign of the play areas (2 large role-play areas on the ground & first floors).

A great cold/wet weather activity, again with plenty to do in the area with covent garden shops, restaurants, leicester square, trafalgar square and Waterloo all fairly close-by.

I’ve had a request for some info on city farms, so we’ll try and get that coming your way by the weekend. Thanks for the suggestion!

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