London City Farms- the “baaaaar” is set high!

My first blog request- City farms review. A great excuse to go to a new one. We headed to Hackney City Farm not far from Hoxton overground station for some horsing around.

At first the farm seemed to tick all the boxes- gated animal area, chickens and ducks on the loose to add some craziness for the kiddies, huge hairy pig, donkey, goat, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs all housed in comfortable looking pens and sheds, a lovely vegetable garden a shop, cafe, what more could you ask of a farm? What’s more, it’s free to enter they run pottery classes on site for a small fee, it’s next to Haggerston Park (technically inside it I think), right by Columbia Road flower market, and there’s a funky little BMX track to the north of the farm for the older kids.

…and yet we weren’t satisfied. I believe the problem is we’ve been spoiled thoroughly by so many other well thought-out city farms that when we got to Hackney city farm we were disappointed with the size and range of animals but it is still a great city farm if you’re in the area! Of course this is just one mum’s opinion on one day, made from a fairly brief visit, so take from it what you will. I’ll go back in the future, but combined with other things in the area.

So where are all of these other farms I’m banging on about?

I hope the little table below is helpful- it is by no means scientific or completely factual as it has been cobbled together from memories and photos which will be affected by who I was there with, the weather and what side of bed I got out of that day. (p.s. I hope I don’t come across as ungrateful!- all of our city farms rock and the volunteers who put their backs into running these pockets of magic are rockstars!)

Farm nearest station size animal variety café comments
Hackney City Farm Hoxton medium small-med large pottery workshops!
Surrey Quays Farm Rotherhithe + C10 bus medium medium, goats galore! small-med donate to help these guys!
Mudchute farm Mudchute DLR large- 32 acres dudes! large large East side entrance for buggies!
Spitalfields city Farm Shorditch/ Whitechapel medium medium small (tea hut) Goat race! 27th March 2016

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