Getting High in the City- Sky Garden

So Bank isn’t the most buggy friendly tube station but a kind  helping-hand up the exit flight of stairs and we were on our way up to London’s highest public garden at Sky Garden for the third time in a year.

There are a plethora of places to lunch around the city if you head in early (around midday) you’ll beat the rush and can make more of your trip into town. Nandos were super friendly and accommodating as usual (and had a lift!).

Unfortunately I timed our trip slightly poorly on this occasion so little man ended up falling asleep as we exited the lift on the 35th floor but did get a glimpse of the sights after I’d had a chance to roam the 3 levels of the tropical flower beds and enjoy a surprisingly reasonably priced tea and scone on the higher level terrace.

There were plenty of buggies up there besides us despite the FAQ’s saying you might be asked to leave your buggy at reception at busy times.

The view is epic and even a seasoned Londoner will feel excited and proud at the marvellous landmarks London has to offer. No, you’re not at the top of the Shard, but the Shard is PART of the panorama, which in my view, is even better. The best bit of all is that it’s FREE, just book a ticket online at least a week in advance, and further ahead if you want a weekend ticket.

We popped to St Dunstan in the East ruined-church gardens after as these are known for being a green haven of tranquility in the hustle and bustle of the city, but we weren’t overly impressed- not enough green, but still nice to be able to sit down for a minute before grabbing the bus home.


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