Quacking Easter at the Wetlands Centre, Barnes

Over to West London on the tube and bus to see the ducks! The giant inflatable ducks put out for the London Wetlands Centre’s Easter Trail.

We met up with some other parent friends for this outing and if your kids love birds it’s the place to be. Lots of interesting species to spot as you make your way around all the well set out footpaths through picnic and play areas. Little man was most happy playing with the gates between enclosures and the hand washing station though. Perhaps he’d had his fill of ducks at the local park….and even the otters weren’t exciting enough for our little gatekeeper!

For more serious duck and bird lovers there are several bird hides looking out over the large expanse of marshy wetlands beyond the more structured ponds and walkways, with tips on spotting different species.

We made use of the picnic areas there but there was a restaurant and shop at the entrance. All in all a nice day out for about £13 each adult, but don’t think we’ll be buying an annual pass with only a few months left in London.


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