Back in time at The Tower of London

We were off to see the Beefeaters and the crown jewels at the Tower of London for free (!) with some complimentary staff passes thanks to the generosity of another SE16 mum and dad.

We made a day of it playing at the Archbishop’s Park in Waterloo in the morning before walking over the bridge to catch to tube along the river to Tower Hill and having lunch at Bodean’s with FREE kids’ meals.


Entry to the Tower of London was effortless and step-free with only a quick backpack search before we were in. In to the world of the Tower back in time with historical characters roaming the grounds, some happier to have a chat and photo than others, but all adding to the ambiance.

The Tower itself is the central building surrounded by several layers of walls and buildings, some where the Yeoman Warders (Beefeaters) and their families live so there is a mixed atmosphere of it being a tourist attraction crossed with a village.

The baby-friendly nature is mixed as there are several buggy parks and baby changing facilities but only the Waterloo Block (crown jewel house), restaurant and one shop had step-free access if you needed to take your buggy with you.

While nap time was in progress we joined the queue to enter the Waterloo Block and see the Crown Jewels. The procession of people through the block finally led to the jewels themselves where the moving walkways made sure you didn’t block the view of them for too long! My favourite was the tiny crown made for Queen Victoria when she wore her mourning veil.

We did manage to get into The White Tower via the steps once little man had woke up from his nap, to see some of the displays of armour as well as walk along some of the tower walls, but didn’t explore every exhibit as our busy day had tired me out and the grim clouds were rolling in.

So all in all a good day out soaking in some London history- can’t believe it’s taken us 15 years of living in London to see this one!

some more royal locations up soon.



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