Pomp, Ceremony & Ducks- Changing of the Guard

We’ve gone London Loopy!The Tower of London one day and now a trip out to Westminster past Downing Street, through St James’ park to Buckingham Palace to see the daily Changing of the Guard Ceremony!

The sun was out but still chilly being April, but the Queen’s Guard are out every day from now until the end of Summer strutting their stuff, so why not join the masses of tourists to see them – for FREE? The expensive option being a visit to Buckingham palace itself but the rooms aren’t open until July and we’ll be gone by then!

Little man was made up to see horses and ducks in one day. St James’ park is great for feeding the ducks and there is a restaurant and toilets (20p public loos) within the park.  If you’re lucky you might also see a pelican.

Continuing through the park toward the palace you hear the sound of a marching band at around 11am. Crowds walk alongside them down the Mall and there is a little bottle neck as you get to Constitution Hill but nothing too distressing and this was with a stroller.

As we didn’t want to get into the scrum at the palace gates we had plenty of breathing room on the path, but sacrificed our view somewhat. We didn’t hang  around for the whole ceremony which takes about 45 minutes as we heard an old veteran giving some tourists from the States the low-down on what would happen next and it was more of the same, so we headed up to Green Park station (completely STEP-FREE- joy!) past the daffodils, to have lunch at home.

Time for some reflection next…


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