Some welcome (?) tips

I was marvelling at the number of Friends I have who are growing little people inside them right now or have just joined the crazy club and thought I’d do a bit of sharing of some resources that I’ve found super helpful.

Hopefully these will be helpful to first time parents and some of the second time ones too as I still dip into them regularly with a toddler.
Apologies if you aren’t interested.
First off- blogs:
There is so much to do in London, but you don’t want to make the trek out sometimes unless you know how baby friendly it is. These blogs have been great for inspiration and also just a laugh as none of them take themselves too seriously.

lots of ideas for days out of the flat and I still have plenty to get through.


also does lots of reviews of products

sign up to the monthly newsletter for tons of activities and they have a book called “little london” with stacks of suggestions for things to do in town.

I found these really good for finding local mum and baby groups and playgroups to get my local mummy network going which is so valuable when you can’t be bothered to go far from home. Also good for finding local nearly new sales as well as local parent Facebook groups.
Books: (during those long feeds in the early days)
The top 2 books made me see that despite how horrendous the situation feels at the time ( as well as magical of course) you will laugh about those moments eventually- and until then you can always laugh at other people’s retelling of those moments that you will only find yourself in when you have a little person in your care in these books:
  • sippy cups aren’t for chardonnay
  • I just want to pee alone
  • For weaning your baby on to food I only needed this one book- very helpful and complete- still use some of the older recipes now:
And finally, if you fancy doing something together, let me know!- I’m assuming people reading this will know me already- my audience isn’t that big!
Take a look at the list I’m making my way down and if something grabs you we can try and co-ordinate!
Lots of love and luck to you all!
bring on the summer fun and I hope to see you all before we leave london in the Summer (that’s the plan at least!)
sarah xxx

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